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Writer, Producer, Director Gita Farid grew up in England, mesmerized by the clear but understated undertones of British drama and comedy.

Her first film was a documentary on the color RED, in a country (Korea) whose language she didn’t speak. She traveled on the subway and went to institutions, interviewing men and women on how they felt about the color red. “Woman wearing red is a slut”, “makes me feel sexy”, “she’s a temptress” etc.

Lots of FUN!

Her next film was a short about a Mermaid in Korea, trapped in a loveless marriage, because of social mores. Who isn’t?

She exhibited an installation film on multi-screens at a gallery in downtown Phoenix, from where she was plucked to have a Solo film show at the ASU Art Museum which, as a featured artist/ filmmaker, ran for 2 ½ months. “The Journey” ASU Art Museum 2001

She produced and directed a short Race Unity PSA for the Baha’I Faith which opened the students’ “UNITY” session after graduation at Thunderbird School of Global Management.

She also produced and directed a pilot called “The Duchess”, based on the ambitious harpie Wallis Simpson, set in 1940, and filmed entirely in vintage sets and costumes at the Arizona Railway Museum.


In Nov 2010, her WWII short film “It’s Over” won 6 Awards at its first showing at the Filmstock Film Festival. The film was also chosen out of 1000 applicants to be shown at the ASU Art Museum International Film Festival in April of 2011. It was also shown and nominated BEST SHORT FILM at the Marbella International Film Festival in October 2011.

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